Pulse Lab Kampala

The first innovation lab in Africa, Pulse Lab Kampala brings together data scientists, data engineers, partnership specialists, academics and technical experts to generate high impact data analysis tools to address development challenges. These innovative tools support UN partners and government in anticipating and responding to poverty, impacts of natural disasters, epidemics and food security by leveraging new sources of digital ‘Big Data’ (such as social media, mobile data, online information) and real-time analytics. Through partnerships, and in alliance with the Government, Pulse Lab Kampala acts as an ecosystem catalyst. In addition to keynoting regional conferences on data innovation, the Lab conducts learning sessions for UN partners and workshops for government and academic partners.
Pulse Lab Kampala is established as an inter-agency initiative under the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Uganda. It contributes to the United Nations ‘Delivering as One’ process supporting joint programming, monitoring and evaluation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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For more information on Pulse Lab Kampala, download this Fact Sheet [PDF].

Ways to Collaborate with Pulse Lab Kampala

Pulse Lab Kampala is forming partnerships with East African companies and organizations to collaborate in various ways. Organizations can join our efforts by: 

  • Becoming a research partner and working on a project with the Pulse Lab
  • Becoing a Data Philanthropy partner and sharing your data for analysis
  • Becoming a technology partner and building prototypes or testing new tools
  • Presenting a Big Data analysis tool or method at a training session or workshop 
  • Sponsoring a Fellow to join the Pulse Lab and working on data visualization, data analysis, GIS mapping, or software development
  • Providing funding, or in-kind, support for the Pulse Lab’s work

If you are interested in collaborating with Pulse Lab Kampala, please contact us by emailing: pulselabkampala@unglobalpulse.org

2015 Annual Report