Thoughts and ideas from the data science team

If you ask any of the data scientists in our Pulse Labs in New York, Jakarta or Kampala "What are you doing?" you always get a fascinating reply.

Whether it's exploring digital signals related to volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, predictors of Non Communicable Diseases using online chat about unhealthy habits, or monitoring emerging issues related to HIV/AIDS in Kampala based on public conversation, there's a wealth of activity that we think others would find interesting too. The UN Global Pulse team will use this space to post informal blogs about what they are grappling with, highlight others' exciting work and reach out to people innovating in the same space. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Celebrating a Decade of Twitter - One of the Largest Platforms for Big Data

René Clausen Nielsen Mar 25, 2016
On 21 March, Twitter celebrated its 10-year anniversary. And, as it's been one of the central data sources here at...

#Kaki5JKT: Mapping the Street Food Scene in Jakarta

Mellyana Frederika and Daniel Oscar Baskoro Mar 14, 2016

Following on from the #HackJak Hackathon 2015, Pulse Lab Jakarta recently handed over the methodology...

Translator Gator: The First 50 Days

Yulistina Riyadi Mar 9, 2016
Since launching Translator Gator on 25th January 2016,  Pulse Lab Jakarta has received a great response from language...

A New Generation of Data Science Innovators in Africa

John Quinn Dec 28, 2015

The Data Revolution has arrived on the African continent. Just in the last two years many changes have taken place, taking data science from theory to practice. Many stakeholders are driving this...

Pulse Stories: Mother’s Love

Lody Andrian & Kautsar Anggakara Dec 24, 2015

Pulse Lab Jakarta, with the support of DFAT, recently teamed up with the TRANSFORMASI...

Discussing Data Privacy in The Hague

Derval Usher Nov 6, 2015
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the very first Annual Meeting of UN Global Pulse Privacy...